About Us

THE Company

Arenti is a professional IoT Smart Home security solution developer and manufacturer, born in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands in the year of 2020; founded by engineers from the world's top security companies. Together with the holding company, we've accumulated four years of experience in R&D and fabrication of smart home security cameras since 2017. In 2020, the annual shipments have reached 3.8 million units.

THE Technologies

As an IoT manufacturer, Arenti focuses on the development of cutting-edge technologies. Arenti cameras feature Artificial Intelligence powered functions, such as AI Motion Detection, Sound Detection, Geo-Fencing Privacy Protection, Customizable Detection Zone, Super P2P, Gen. 2.0 Web-RTC, etc.,  features on every single Arenti device are developed and offered without any extra cost.

THE Products

From the very first beginning when it was born, Arenti is determined to provide a full range of IoT smart home security products for users with different needs around the world. In Arenti people can easily find indoor fixed cameras, pan-tilt cameras, outdoor bullet cameras, floodlight cameras, battery-powered cameras and video doorbells under two brands: Arenti for high-end market while Laxihub as a more affordable option.

THE Mission

Arenti aims to be one of the best developers and manufacturers of IoT Smart Home Security globally, being creative and innovative all the time and offering users from all around the world the coolest features on every Arenti product, and help people with a smarter and easier solution for personal and home security. Arenti will never work only on assembling, but always pay much attention to R&D, and to be a global leader in the industry.


Laxihub is a sub-brand of Arenti Technology. As a full-solution smart home video surveillance manufacturer, Laxihub focuses on the development and manufacturing of smart, efficient, and friendly smart home product lines. Laxihub's products are driven by Arenti's technologies, combined with the original designs of the Arenti design team, Laxihub provides beautiful, easy-to-use, and cost-effective products to every user. At the same time, Laxihub pays attention to user privacy and user experience and uses the most cutting-edge technologies and the best service providers in product hardware design and software services to ensure user privacy and secure user data. In Laxihub, every user will experience the best quality IoT products.



Holding company of Arenti was created and entered the industry of IoT Smart Home Security in 201701

Arenti was founded in the first half of 2020, operation centers in both NL and PRC were established02


The first indoor security camera Arenti IN1/Laxihub M4 by Arenti was launched in June 202003

Arenti 2K Aluminium-Framed Optics Smart Home Security Cameras Series was launched in December 202004


Arenti Optics Series won Red Dot Design Award 2021 in March 202105

Arenti Optics Series won iF Design Award 2021 in April 202106


The first 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi camera - Laxihub MiniCam by Arenti was launched in April 202107


With Arenti, personal and home security becomes easier.


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